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About us


Gudi massage was established in 2018 out of the desire to help people suffering from debilitating pain arising from medical conditions, accidents or other unexplained reasons and also to help improve the well being of other individuals through relaxation therapies. Having personally suffered severe pain for over a year following a car crash, Gudi massage therapy founder L. Jordan reluctantly took up massage therapy with hopes of improving her health. Interestingly, after a few sessions, she started experiencing massive improvements in her health and in a couple of months she was free from the pain.

Having gone through this experience, she then developed a keen interest in massage therapy and decided to learn more about it and get qualified so as to help other people. It was out of this experience that Gudi Massage was born.

Gudi massage has a team of massage therapists specialised in various areas of therapeutic massage including Sports massage, indian head massage, Swedish and hot stone massages, thai massage and other types of relaxation therapies.

We have provided exceptional massage therapy services to over 3000 satisfied customers and our client base include individuals and organisations.

We offer bespoke services tailored to each unique client and focused on giving the client the best experience. Our aim is to work with clients to improve their mobility, reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and improve their overall wellness.

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Meet the Team

Meet some of the skilled and professional massage therapists at Gudi Massage Therapy Lounge



Meet Chrissy, one of our skilled massage therapists with over 6years experience of delivering effective and relaxing massage sessions to clients. She is a qualified therapist with expertise and qualifications in sports therapy, thai yoga, indian head, deep tissue, swedish and hot stone massages. She enjoys helping clients improve their wellbeing through massages and other holistic treatments.



Meet Lia, a qualified swedish massage therapist with over 2 years experience. She has worked with several clients and is passionate about helping people improve their health, mobility and overall wellbeing through massage therapy. She involves the client in every part of their treatment and endeavours to work with them to achieve their massage therapy goals.